NBR-ACN elevator belting

NBR-ACN elevator belts are anti-static. The plies are polyester interwoven with nylon layers. The belt is made out of NBR, (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) with a high content of ACN (ACryl-Nitril).

The covers make it possible that the elevator bolt head will fit and countersunk perfectly. These belts are available in several breaking loads and thicknesses. 
NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) with a high content of Acryl-Nitril covers are suitable for transporting products with a higher fat, oil and acid content. Often used in feedmill industry where hot oil products and molasses are processed.

Belts are cut and punched according to customers specifications.

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Production requirement acc. NBR-ACN 
Pre stretched plies DIN 22102 and 22104
 Gewebeeinlagen Nylon / Polyester
Maximum elongation 1,5% 
Covers NBR-ACN 60° Shore A 
Breaking load covers  >= 12 N/mm 
Abrasion <= 200 mm3 
Density of covers 1,20 +/- 0,3 g/cm3 
Temperature resistance -25 till 100 peak 120 °C 
Maximum swelling 3% (IRM903 oil, 20 °C, 21 days)


NBR-ACN Elevator belting             
Type of belt Breaking load Nr. of inserts Covers Thickness Weigth/m2 Pulley-Ø*
630/4 630 kg/cm2 4 2+2 mm 9 mm 10,2 kg 500 mm
800/5 800 kg/cm2 5 2+2 mm 10 mm 11,4 kg 630 mm
1000/5 1.000 kg/cm2 5 2+2 mm 10 mm 12,6 kg 800 mm

* Recomended minimal pulley diameter (60 - 100% use of breaking load)