Elevator belting

Bechtel supplies various elevator belts, these are cut, the edges impregnated with holes punched according to your specifications.

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Rubber elevator belts in accordance with DIN 22102 and DIN 22104 consist of inserts (polyester interwoven with nylon) as well as top layers with a thickness of 1 or 2 mm (possibly even 3 or 4 mm).

NBR oil and fat resistant

NBR - oil- and fat-resistant belts have covers made of nitrile rubber. This rubber is characterized by a good resistance to mineral, animal and vegetable fats.

NBR-ACN oil, fat and higher acid resistant

NBR - ACN sind Gurte mit einem hohen Bestandteil an ACN ist besonders geeignet für den Transport von Produkten mit hohem Öl-und Fettgehalt und mit gewissen Anteil an Säurezusatz.

SBR limited oil and fat resistant

SBR - oil- and fat-resistant belts are used for products with a maximum oil or fat content of 4% and have a heat resistance up to a maximum of 70 ˚C.

There are also special heat-resistant elevator belts suitable for temperatures up to 180 ˚C as well as flame-retardant belts according to DIN 22103

FDA quality white belt for the food industry

FDA-compliant white elevator belts are particularly suitable for the transportation of products from the food industry.

PVC white elevator belting

PVC white elevator belts are antistatic. This type of belt is made entirely from synthetic fibers and is suitable for the food industry.